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Here’s how you can help us

One in three Australians are at increased risk of kidney disease. We are dedicated to helping people with kidney disease, improving their health and quality of life, and that of their families and carers.

As a not–for-profit organisation, Kidney Health Australia relies solely on your support. Your support makes a real difference to the lives of those affected by kidney disease. Read how you can help Kidney Health Australia below, and see how you can connect with us here.

Kidney Health Week

This is our major annual national public awareness event and we always need help parcelling health education information and posters for our renal units and other community organisations. 

If you are interested in being part of Kidney Health Week please call our Volunteer Coordinator, Annette Smith on 03 9674 4300, or email volunteering@kidney.org.au.


You can participate in community fundraising events by holding an event, joining in coin-shakes and managing collection tins in your community. Such activities generate much-needed funds and your involvement will be greatly appreciated. Find out how you can help us with fundraising - call  Annette Smith on 03 9674 4300 or email fundraising@kidney.org.au.

Consumer Councils

If you want to have a say on issues related to kidney health, consider joining your local Consumer Council. Our National Consumer Council is made up of the chairpersons of the state councils working with selected members of our staff. Council members represent a range of groups including people with chronic kidney disease, those on dialysis or with a kidney transplant, and carers, nurses and kidney specialists. See more about Consumer Councils here.

 Be a guest speaker

As one of our local 'ambassadors' in a city or regional area, you can increase awareness of our cause and attract donations, while presenting kidney-related messages to interested community groups. We conduct regular training programs at no cost to you.

For dates of the next sessions, phone our Volunteer Coordinator, Annette Smith on 03 9674 4300 or email volunteering@kidney.org.au.

Kidney Care programs

The current initiative in our Kidney Care program is the Dialysis Support Service. Volunteers visit designated renal units to provide support and companionship to people undergoing haemodialysis treatment. It’s not necessary to have experience with kidney disease; however, it is essential to be sensitive to the needs of people undergoing this treatment.

TelEConnect - Peer support  program

If you have kidney disease and wish to help others with the condition, you may like to participate in our peer support program TelEConnect. This is a national telephone support service for people living with kidney disease, their families and carers. Volunteers are provided with appropriate training in how to draw on their personal experience to share practical and useful ways of managing health and wellness. See more about TelEConnect here.

Please note: we recommend that if you have started dialysis treatment or have recently had a kidney transplant that you wait 12 months before becoming a TelEConnect volunteer. This does not preclude you from becoming involved in other forms of volunteering with us if you so desire.

Academic projects

These are typically one-off projects that involve student volunteers who are completing courses in medicine, social work or health promotion. You can apply to volunteer for a project related to your specific course of study. Course credits may or may not be applicable depending on your abilities and the projects undertaken. Available roles will depend on the state in which you live.


You can help in our state and territory offices with daily administrative tasks such as answering the phone, photocopying and mail-outs. We especially need volunteers leading up to Kidney Health Week. Generally, the work may be sporadic depending on the needs of the particular office you may be supporting.

Special projects

For time to time we need the help of volunteers for short-term projects such as awareness campaigns, focus groups, fundraising events and health service initiatives.

If you are interested in being part of any of these programs, call our Volunteer Coordinator, Annette Smith on 03 9674 4300, or email volunteering@kidney.org.au.

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