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Dialysis Unit Guide

Quickly Locate a Dialysis Unit in Australia With Our Dialysis Unit Guide

The Dialysis Unit Guide can be used for referrals, when relocating, and to arrange short-term dialysis treatment in a particular city. It also includes information on home dialysis clinics and children’s hospitals.

To find the location and contact details of a dialysis unit, go to the map below and click on the relevant state in the map or enter a postcode, suburb, or city in the search bar.

Please help keep our Dialysis Unit Guide up to date
If you notice errors in address details for a dialysis unit, simply advise our Kidney Health Information Service on freecall 1800 454 363 or email updates to us at khis@kidney.org.au

Other options for locating dialysis units
Fresenius Medical Care operates private dialysis clinics throughout Australia and New Zealand. Access their clinic finder here.

Diaverum operates dialysis clinics in Australia and around the world. Access their clinic finder here.

Our Dialysis Unit Guide was inspired and pioneered by a dedicated volunteer, Graham Herbert, who passed away in 2012. Thank you Graham.

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