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NHMRC Project Grant to Benefit People with Kidney Disease

Kidney Health Australia are proud to be supporting a new international trial which could transform the treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and could benefit thousands of people in Australia.

Led by The George Institute with support from Bayer, Kidney Health Australia and leading researchers from around the world, the trial will evaluate whether a low dose of a blood-thinning medication, that is beneficial in people with cardiovascular disease, will also safely reduce the number of heart attacks, strokes and deaths with people with CKD.

"As the peak organisation for patients living with kidney disease, their families and community, Kidney Health Australia is excited to be partnering with The George Institute to bring the consumer voice to this study. Patient and consumer engagement at all stages of research design, trial implementation and knowledge dissemination adds enormous value to the quality, conduct and relevance of clinical trials,” says Dr Shilpa Jesudason, Clinical Director of Kidney Health Australia,

Around 2000 patients with CKD in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, India, China, Canada and the UK will take part in the five-year randomised trial and receive the blood thinning medication at a low dose to try to avoid associated side effects.

When completed it will be the first and the largest ever trial evaluating blood-thinning medications for people with CKD.

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