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What we do

We strive to create a healthier community through increased awareness and early detection of kidney disease. We connect kidney patients to vital resources and services to help them manage their condition and achieve a better quality of life.

For over 50 years, we have worked with the clinical and research community to support treatment and research improvements and innovations to foster a future without kidney disease.

Through our values of collaboration, ambition, empathy and inspiration, we work with the broader kidney community to achieve our ambitious goal of healthy kidneys for all Australians.

2022 Annual Review

Read about our progress in achieving our mission to decrease the incidence of kidney disease and save and improve the lives of all Australians affected by the disease.

2022 Statutory Accounts

Read about our financial performance in 2021.

Our vision, mission and values.

Kidney Health Australia has a clear purpose. We want to achieve good kidney health for all Australians. As the peak body for kidney disease in Australia, we bring together the many voices within the kidney community, advocating on their behalf for health initiatives that will improve their quality of life.


Our ambition is a future where every Australian has the ability to enjoy good kidney health. This will only be possible through investment and innovation in treatments and research. We are committed to supporting our clinical and research community to strive to achieve this remarkable outcome.


As we work towards our vision, we remain committed to decreasing the incidence of kidney disease, and saving and improving the lives of Australians affected by kidney disease. Through our awareness, early detection and support programs, we will continue to ensure every Australian at risk of, or affected by, kidney disease, receives the best possible support to enjoy a good quality of life.


  • Collaboration: We believe that by working together with our kidney community, we can achieve outcomes that meet their needs
  • Ambition: We are ambitious to innovate and educate so that we can prevent the 5 million Australians at risk of kidney disease, from being diagnosed with this life impacting disease
  • Empathy: Our services and support programs aim to give people living with kidney disease a better quality of life
  • Inspiration: We are prioritising kidney research and pushing for a cure for kidney disease, so that in the future, every Australian has the opportunity to enjoy lifelong kidney health

Our 5-year strategy

We believe we can improve kidney health outcomes for all Australians. Read about how we aim to raise the profile of kidney disease in Australia and take on the challenge of promoting early detection of this silent killer.

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