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Our PEAK group

PEAK (Primary Education Advisory Committee of Kidney Health Australia) provides advice and recommendations to the Kidney Health Australia team.

PEAK members pose for a photo

PEAK helps to ensure our programs and resources are evidence-based and reflect best practice care.

The committee consists of volunteer nephrologists, doctors, nurses, pharmacists and consumers and ensures that Kidney Health Australia remains a credible, trusted authority on kidney disease.

PEAK responsibilities

PEAK meets regularly to review relevant evidence and materials. It works to:

  • provide advice to Kidney Health Australia on best practice management of kidney disease and clinical or pharmacological developments in kidney disease
  • assist with developing appropriate messaging to health professionals
  • assist in developing educational strategies for primary care education and appropriate education materials
  • generally, help progress the management of kidney disease in primary care by informing our work and development of resources
  • facilitate the broadening of scope to focus on the links between kidney disease, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

All decisions are made via consensus within the committee.

Committee members are involved in PEAK on a volunteer basis. They represent their profession or organisation and provide a unique perspective that balances the view of the kidney health community.

Current PEAK members

  • Professor David Johnson (Chair) - Nephrologist, Princess Alexandra Hospital, QLD
  • Dr Chris Bollen, General Practitioner, Oakden Medical Centre, SA
  • Dr Leanne Brown, Nephrology Nurse Practitioner, representing the Renal Society of Australasia, QLD
  • Ms Kathryn Godwin, Primary Care Nurse, representing the Australian Primary Healthcare Nurses Association, VIC
  • A/Professor Shilpa Jesudason, Nephrologist, Royal Adelaide Hospital, SA; Clinical Director, Kidney Health Australia
  • A/Professor Ivor Katz, Nephrologist, St George Hospital, NSW
  • Professor Robyn Langham, Nephrologist; Head of school of rural health, Monash University, VIC
  • A/Professor Craig Nelson, Nephrologist, Western Health, VIC
  • Mr Tim Perry, General practice pharmacist, Hills Family General Practice, NSW
  • Dr Richard Phoon, Nephrologist, Westmead Hospital, NSW
  • Professor Kevan Polkinghorne, Nephrologist, Monash Medical Centre, VIC
  • Dr Angus Ritchie, Nephrologist, Concord Repatriation General Hospital, NSW
  • Dr John Saunders, Nephrologist, Prince Alfred Hospital, NSW
  • Ms Wendy Shepherdley, Credentialed Diabetes Educator, Brooke Street Medical Centre, VIC
  • Dr Caitlin Sum, General Practitioner, Medical HQ Glynde, SA
  • Mr Peter Williams, consumer, VIC
  • Dr Sheena Wilmot, General Practitioner, Benchmark Medical, NSW
  • Professor Tim Usherwood, General Practitioner, University of Sydney, NSW
  • Representative from the Cardiovascular, Diabetes and Kidney unit, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, ACT (guest).

If you would like to know more about the functions of PEAK, please email us at