2017 Rally Results

The route: Griffith to Wagga Wagga via Tibooburra

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Congratulations rally fundraisers!

Congratulations to the top 3 fundraisers: team Artline, team Bathurst Surf Lifesaving Club and team XPLANT. A special mention to team Good Shift, highest fundraisers of the 16 rally newcomers. Thank you and what an inspirational effort by all! 

Where we rallied!

This tracking device was located in the 'Ambulance' (competitor and 1st Aid support) manned by Wagga ambulance officer Phil Hoey and his crew. If required for first aid, results may show extra km’s on route.

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Route GPS and images courtesy of Intellifleet



Day 6  – Broken Hill to Renmark

Open rally points and time sheet here.

After a rest day in Broken Hill, the fleet speed off at 8:03am following the railway line to Menindee on the banks of the Darling River.

The rally then meandered south around the Menindee lakes network,  before following the Darling River south. Turning west, the Kars crossed the Great Darling Anabranch headed north before picking up the Tandou Road going west. Tandou Road joins the Silver City Highway between Wentworth and Broken Hill.

The Kars followed the tar road then turning west back onto the dirt road of Springwood Pine Camp Rd. Heading southwest the convoy crossed the state border into South Australia.

The rally then travelled along Renmark Rd on the north side of the Murray River between Wentworth and Renmark for the run past Chowilla Station and into the beautiful Renmark for the night. The Kars navigated a total of 632km for the day, settling down for the evening at 4:37pm.


Day 5 - Rest


Day 4 – Tibooburra to Broken Hill

Open rally points and time sheet here.

The Intellifleet tracked vehicle left Tibooburra at 7:59am heading west on the Cameron Corner Road, before turning onto Gum Vale Road and continuing west.

After a short stint on Hewart Downs Rd, the fleet turned toward a SE direction following what appears to be a station track for exactly 30 minutes before picking up another track and then the Milparinka Hawer Gate Rd (heading in the opposite direction to yesterdays time on this road). Into Milparinka and straight out the other side! The Mount Shannon Rd led the Kars SW towards Lake Wallace Creek.

Another station track took the SE to pick up the Mount Arrowsmith Rd west of Bullea Lake. The Kars then turned south on the sealed Silver City Highway north of Packsaddle.

Lunch was had the Packsaddle roadhouse then march on south down the highway. Turning left at Sanpah Rd it off into the west again. Turning south onto Joulnie Rd to Teilta Lake, near Broughams Gate. Heading due south on Corona Rd which connected to the Silver City Highway and into Broken Hill for the night.

The Kar pulled up at 3:53 having completed 539.2km for the day and a total of 2229.5km for the Rally so far. 


Day 3  – White Cliffs to Tibooburra 

Open rally points and time sheet here.

Kidney Kars left White Cliffs at 8:27am heading due west on Whipstick Rd for 34minutes. Then headed NW on Henry Roberts Rd then turning west on Wonnaminta Rd which then joins the Silver City Highway north of Broken Hill at 10:21am. After 35 minutes of sealed road the vehicles turned west onto Mount Arrowsmith Rd then onto the Mount Shannon road through to Milparinka for lunch.

After lunch onto the Milparinka Hawer Gate Rd, the Gum Vale Rd then joined the Toona Gate Rd and into Tibooburra...straight through Tibooburra now heading east on Wanaaring Rd then turned left onto The Gorge Loop Road heading north. At the Twelve Mile Creek the road loops west running parallel until it joins the Silver City Highway north of Tibooburra where the tour turned south and headed to Tibooburra for the night.

Total distance for the day 494.6km, total since leaving Griffith 1690.1km

Kar stopped in Tibooburra at 3:32pm for a rest.

 Day 2  – Cobar to White Cliffs

Open rally points and time sheet here.

Kidney Kar Rally left Cobar at 7:22am and navigated 2 hours 22 minutes southeast of Cobar before heading out the Louth road, then turning left at Kerrigundi to pick up the Cobar Tilpa Rd.

Following lunch in Tilpa for 40 minutes, the rally then continued on via the Tilpa – Louth road before heading west through the Jinki Lake then back onto the Tilpa – Tonga Rd. The trip then followed station tracks before coming onto the Wilcania-Wanaaring Rd near Tonga Lake. Heading southwest the rally pulled up stumps at White Cliffs at 4:39pm.


 Day 1  – Griffith to Cobar 

Open rally points and time sheet here.

Kidney Kar Rally departed Griffith, heading north through Ranking Springs, back roads to Ungarie, through Burcher district north of West Wyalong and onto Condobolin for lunch.

Back way to Nymagee, continued due north until turning west onto Barrier Highway and into Cobar for the night.

 Motorsports Raffle No. 17

Congratulations to the winners of our 2017 Kidney Kar Rally Raffle;

First Prize - $1500 Harvey Norman Voucher
Ticket 02905 -  A Wallace (ticket sold by team 'Where's Wally')

Second Prize - $500 Bunnings Voucher
Ticket 04389 - J Di Blasio (ticket sold by 'Kidney Beanz Kruisers')

Thank you to everyone who entered - your support means a lot to Kidney Health Australia and the Kidney Kids

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1990  Kidney Kaper from Sydney to Sydney via Ivanhoe
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Rally Hall of Fame

The Kidney Kar Rally Hall of Fame 1989 to 2017 listing all the routes, Outright Rally Winners, Highest Fundraisers, Supreme Achievers, Best and Fairest and Redex Award winners can be viewed below or downloaded here.

Outright Rally Winners

2017   Graham and Peter Ward and Richie Farrar
2016   Gerard Warrin and Mark Haberfield
2015   Michael Van Den Acker, David Welch
2014   Peter Carr, Steve O’Connell
2013   Peter Carr, Steve O’Connell
2012   Mick Kluver, Mark Poli
2011   Peter Carr, Steve O’Connell
2010   Jim Londregan, Brett Courtenay
2009   Grahame McKay, Peter Middlemiss
2008   Grahame McKay, Peter Middlemiss
2007   Jeff Dean, Mal Sleet
2006   Jim Londregan, Brett Courtenay
2005   John May, Dave Robinson
2004   Grahame McKay, Tony Bell
2003   Grahame McKay, Tony Bell
2002   Bevan Lindner, George Smith
2001   Ian Karsten, David Schultz, Jenko Jenkinson
2000   Grahame McKay, Henry Viana
1999   Jim Londregan, John Culbert
1998   Peter Carr, Steve O’Connell
1997   David and Stan Read
1996   Bevan Lindner, George Smith
1995   Dave McDonald, David Coote
1994   Peter Theakstone, Rick Heron, Barry Slattery, Conrad Mondon, Mark Taylor
1993   Bevan Lindner, George Smith
1992   Simon Pettit
1991   Simon Pettit
1990   Tie: Karen Hannah, Ian Battye and Rick Herron, Alan Bourke, Perry Bourke
1989   Grant McAlpine, John Gillman, Hugh Savage

Highest Fundraisers

The Jodie Lanyon Memorial Trophy

2017   Mick and Barby Kluver
2016   Mick and Barby Kluver
2015   Barry Gregg, Peter Caldow, Corey Gregg, Ben Gregg, Marcus Gregg, Murray Gregg
2014   Mick and Barby Kluver
2013   Mick and Barby Kluver
2012   Graham and Peter Ward, Richie Farrar
2011   Mike and Barbara Kluver
2010   Bob Rowlands
2009   Graham and Peter Ward, Richie Farrar
2008   Scott Martin, Richie Farrar, Graham and Peter Ward
2007   Trevor Hussell, Danny Goldspink
2006   Scott Martin, Richie Farrar, Graham and Peter Ward
2005   Scott Martin, Richie Farrar, Graham and Peter Ward
2004   Al Graham, Danny Goldspink, Robert McLachlan, Trevor Hussell
2003   Jeff Dean, Darcy O’Bree
2002   John May, Tony Wise, Tony Griffin, Gregg Ray
2001   John May, Tony Wise
2000   Graeme Diamond, Brian Cini, Jerry Vandenbosch
1999   Pieter Vos, Gary Davies, Jerry Vandenbosch, Robert Simpson, Graeme Diamond, Joseph Moore, Ian Battye
1998   Bob Rowlands, Peter Mills, Leigh McMaster
1997   Stewart & Bernie Hurley
1996   Doug and Barbara Birks
1995   Bryan Symonds
1994   David McDonald, Craig Tucker
1993   David McDonald, Craig Tucker, Joe Nigro
1992   Leanne Dransfield, Louella Steele, Paula Kinleyside
1991    David McDonald, Craig Tucker

Supreme Achievers

The Allan Lawson Perpetual Trophy

2017   Kar 508 – Amy's Team - Robert, Julie, Amy and Lisa Cameron 
2016   Kar 0517 – Tumut Transplant Team: Dion and Charles Manning
2015   Kar 1308 – Sister Act: Carmel Mifsud, Donna Robson, Dave Hipwell
2014   Kar 1995 – Diamond Protection: Julian Smith
2013   Kar 56 – Team Dusty: Khaled El Sayed
2012   Kar 2871 – Farkarwee Tribe: Judy and Chloe Ruge
2011   Kar 2009 – Xplant: John Clout
2010   Kar 940 – Australiana: Bob Rowlands
2009   Kar 41 – 2 Jewels in the Crown: Khaled El Sayed
2008   Kar 940 – Australia All Over: Bob Rowlands
2007   Kars 4 and 8 – Bathurst Surf Life Saving Club: Scott Martin, Richie Farrar, Graham and Peter Ward
2006   Kar 20 – Billy Kart: Lou Marevich, Gaby Georges
2005   Kar 54 – Grimace: Peter Lanyon
2004   Kar 2871 – Farkarwee Tribe: Judy Ruge, Daph Prior, Carolyn Cornell
2003   Kar 46 – Knickerbocker Doctor: Noel Miller, Simon Donnellan, Nigel Berry
2002   Kar 2295 – Stockton Knights: David Hayman, John Emms, Russell Tait
2001   Kar 10 – Bathurst Rissoles: John May, Tony Wise
2000   Kar 2000: KKY2K
1999   Kar 57 - The Shaguar
1998   Kar 20 - 2WS Sydney: Lou Marevich
1997   Kar 600 – Orange
1996   Kar 23 – Broken Hill Bullet
1995   Kar 31 – Old Green
1995   Kar 13 – Black Magic
1994   Kar 17 and Kar 23 – Broken Hill Teams
1993   Chardonnay Homes

Best & Fairest

The John Hogg Memorial Trophy

2017  Kar B82 – Auto One Back-up - David Carter
2016  Kar 405 – Kile Nicholas and Ambalee Goodsir
2015  Kar 185 – Sam Cali, Jenna Cali
2014  Kar 8 – Graham and Peter Ward and Richie Farrar
2013   Kar 99 – Rob Clark and Leigh Buckmaster
2012   Kar 41 – Khaled el Sayed and Justin Moloney
2011   Kar 41 – Khaled el Sayed and Justin Moloney
2010   Kar 1305 – Graeme Wallace, Kile Nicholas, Darren Fullerton
2009   Kar 54 – Peter and Deb Lanyon
2008   Kar 33 – George and Daniel Smith
2007   Kar S1 – Pam and Dick Graham
2006   Kar C7 – Rod Jones
2005   Kar B2871 – Michael Jelbart
2004   Kar 156 – Warwick Winter, Bob Stephenson, Steve and Roger Parkes
2003   Kar Ambo – Phil Hoey
2002   Kar 20 – Lou Marevich, Gaby Georges and Scott Sullivan
2001   Kar 71 – Ian Karsten, Jenko Jenkinson and David Schulz
2000   Kar 22 – Barry Burn
1999   Kar 39 – Peter Hogno
1998   Kar 007 – Leigh Beachley, Corinna and Matt, Kev and Angie
1997   Kar 94 – McFeeters
1996   Kar 87 – Lexie, Lyn and Ann
1995   Kar 23 – Bryan Symonds
1994   Kar 25 – The Stubbs Brothers
1993   Kar 256 – Bill Mooney, Brian Whitehead
1992   Kar 69 – Eddie James, Karen James
1991   Kar 25 – Gordon Langford
1990   Kar 34 – Sandra Conrad-Mondon
1990   Kar 7 – Mark Staunton

Redex Award - Perseverance and Best Presented

Redex Award - Perseverance to the End

2017  Kar 111 – Team RDO: Ray Cumming and Jessica Lawrence
2016  Kar 58 – For-D-Fun: Dan Rupnik and Craig Mainprize
2015  Kar 44 – Barmax: Russ Maxwell, Greg Bartrim
2014  Kar 111 – Team RDO: Ray Cumming and Scott Gittoes
2013   Kar 888 – K and K: Ken and Kath Downie
2012   Kar 32 – Mt Noorat Rally Team: Tony Moloney, Rocci Lamanna
2011   Kar 1954 – Akubra Cousins: Michael and Brian Cattell
2010   Kar 1995 – Diamond Protection: Julian and Rachel Smith
2009   Kar 89 – HR Puff ‘n Stuff: Campbell Inglis, Justin Moloney, Patrick Moloney
2008   Kar 41 – Two Jewels in the Crown: Khaled El Sayed, Ian Corkin

Redex Award 2 - Best Presented Kar

2017   Kar 26 – Team Macheda
2016   Kar 0517 – Tumut Transplant Team
2015   Kar 888 – K&K
2014   Kar 181 – The Safari

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