We are immensely grateful to our major supporters, who contribute so much to the success of our Kidney Kar Rallies.

Johnstons Transport, one of NSW's largest privately owned transport and logistics companies, is a long-time supporter and has provided a truck each year to carry our rally entrants’ extra gear. See more about their services here

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Australian Radio Network is one of the leading broadcastors across the country and has been providing support with radio CSAs and their promotion. See more about the work of the Australian Radio Network here 

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works to provide faster, more efficient and flexible delivery services to the radio industry, and has been supporting the Kidney Kar Rally with the distribution of CSAs. See more about the work of AudioNET here

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The Forestry Corporation of NSW
, the state’s largest manager of commercial native and plantation forests, provides ongoing support for our rallies. See more about the work of the Forestry Corporation here

5 - Unnamed




For many years, fifty8GEORGE have been providing a range of trophies, collateral and supplies for our rallies at discounted prices. See more about the work of fifty8George here

3 - Unnamed




We also thank the many other organisations who support individual rally teams through significant fundraising and other gifts.

If you would like to support the Kidney Kar Rally through sponsorship or in-kind business support, please contact our Corporate Partnerships and Sponsorship Manager, Dorothy Donaldson on 03 9674 4323 or dorothy.donaldson@kidney.org.au  

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