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Image: Kidney Kar Rally Directors, John and Maree Paine.

After Directing the Kidney Kar Rally for the last 17 years, Arthur and Kim Davis have decided to hand over the reins to John Paine and his wife Maree. John and Maree have served their Kidney Kar Rally “apprenticeship” in recent years as Kar Zero and before that as the 24 Hour Kar.

John became interested in motorsport and particularly Rally Driving as soon as he got his licence and has been a regular competitor in Car Rallies ever since. He has achieved success from Car Club events, through State Championships and National Events and has even tried co-driving on several occasions with a 2nd Outright in the 2010 Classic Outback Trial. Since retiring from his career in the Financial Services Industry, he turned his hand to building a 1982 Mitsubishi Starion and has competed successfully achieving several class wins in the famous Targa Tasmania Rally.

Apart from Navigating with John in recent Kidney Kar Rallies and several State rallies in various Course cars, Maree has also been a long time official and Event organiser for events conducted by the Bathurst Light Car Club. It was through the Car Club that they first met when John was Event Director for State and National Rallies during the 1980’s and 90’s. John is still active in CAMS events working as Event Checker for such events as the 2017 NatCap International Rally in Canberra and as an Assistant Stage Commander at the World Rally Championship round held annually at Coffs Harbour.

Before each Rally, the couple do a huge amount of preparation, studying maps of the areas to be travelled, liaising with property owners and farmers, State Forestry officers, National Park rangers and government bodies to secure permits, and then driving back and forth over the areas to chart the course.

They publicise the Rally in all the areas to be travelled, organise all the catering for the event, book accommodation for the officials and send out to the participants a list of available places to stay along the route. A major undertaking is preparation of the participants’ Road Book, which contains instructions and details of all the roads and tracks travelled. There’s also a considerable amount of administration, from answering enquiries from prospective entrants, recording entries, and keeping accurate accounts of the funds raised by each participant.

Under the direction of John and Maree, the Kidney Kar Rally can look forward to its ongoing popularity with Entrants and Officials alike as it strives to maintain its success as a major fund raiser for Kidney Kids.


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