The benefits of attending a Kidney Club

Our Kidney Clubs are support groups specifically for people with any stage of kidney disease, who are on dialysis, have had or are waiting for a kidney transplant, or have one or more health conditions that can cause kidney function impairment. 

The major benefit of people with kidney disease and their families joining a Kidney Club is meeting other people who have experience with kidney disease, or any chronic disease. You can learn from others how to cope with and manage your daily needs, how to provide appropriate and effective care, and how to more easily live with your condition. You can also learn about available resources and how others solve problems you may be experiencing.

Kidney Clubs are organised with the support of local hospitals, volunteers and members of the kidney community. For more information about Kidney Clubs and Support Groups in your State, email or freecall 1800 454 363.  

Australian Kidney Club Directory 

Check our Kidney Club directory below for local events and smaller support groups in each State.

South Australia

Adelaide Kidney Club Meet-Up
Date: Sunday 18 November 2018 
Time: 10:30am to 12.00pm
Venue: Kidney Health Australia - Adelaide Office, Level 1 - 136 Frome Street, Adelaide
(Building between Worsnop Avenue and Dawkins Place) see local map. Parking nearby.
See the poster with event details here. 

South East Renal Support Group – Mt Gambier 
On Sunday 17th June 2018, come along to our first support group, an informal get together to meet fellow patients and caregivers. Lunch held from 12:30pm, with a meeting to follow at 2:00pm.
RSVP Friday 15th June 2018. See the event poster with contact details and further information.

Belair Coffee and Chat Group
Meets on 3rd Tuesday of each month from 10.30am to 12.30pm at Sheoak Cafe, 38 Sheoak Road, Belair. See poster here. Please note: Belair Rail Station is across from Sheoak Café – if interested see train route access, timing schedule and other information at Enquiries to Joy on 08 8392 2809 or email

Riverland Kidney Club Meet-Up
These events are held at The Berri Big River Tavern. Enjoy lunch and then listen to a guest speaker. If you are on a kidney journey and live in the Riverland area, you may wish to join this group. Enquiries to Jason Size on 0417 811 977 or Jacque Zagotsis 0438 839 691. The next meeting will be on Sunday, 8 July. An informal get together will also happen on 3, June. See the poster with event details here. 

Murray Bridge Renal Support Group
Meet regularly please contact Maureen 0422 903 457, Arthur  0408 335 668 or Trevor 0405 214 171 for further information.

News of other SA regional and suburban Coffee and Chat support groups coming soon.


New South Wales

Armidale Kidney Club
Meetings held on the 3rd Monday of every month from 2pm to 5 pm at 115 Butler Avenue, Armidale. Parking out the back. “One of a kind community hub”. Afternoon tea provided. Meetings open to all patients affected by kidney disease and their families. No RSVP required, just drop in. Enquiries: phone Nicki on 0427 903 227.

Euroballa Renal Support and Organ Donor Awareness 
Meet monthly at Bridge Plaza in Batemans Bay. Enquiries: phone Brad Rossiter 0458 534 470 or

Hunter and Northern Kidney Association
Meet 2nd Tuesday, each month except January at 7pm in the conference room, Wansey Dialysis Centre, 1a Dudley Road, Charlestown. Enquiries: phone Michael Jameson 0430 587 977 or

Central Coast Support Group, Kidney Health

Meetings held on the 1st Monday of every month from 2pm to 3pm at Central Coast Leagues Club Gosford, 1 Dane Drive. 2nd Monday if a long weekend. Enquiries: phone Jim 02 43884474.



Gold Coast iSpeak Kidney Group
Local contact:  Lorraine Bublitz (Bubbles) on 0434 769 694 and Rachael Brown on 0411 658 347.

Fraser Coast Kidney Club
Enquiries: Freecall 1800 454 363 or email
Local contact:  Del Dash on 07 4121 2934.

Gympie Support Group
Enquiries: Freecall 1800 454 363 or email
Local contact: John on 0447 109 436.

Maroochydore Men's Kidney Support Group
Enquiries: Freecall 1800 454 363 or email
Local contact: Peter on 0438 760 964.

Brisbane Kidney Support Group  Facebook Page: 
Enquiries: Kylie Randall on 0409 271 410 or email



Hobart Kidney Club
Enquiries: Freecall 1800 454 363 or email

Tamar Renal Support Group 
Meet regularly 4th Saturday in month 10.15am at Belle's Tea Room, Macquarie Street, George Town (50km nth of Launceston). Enquiries: Kelvin on 0428 617 697 or email



Goulburn Valley Kidney Club 
Enquiries: Carmel Chaston on 03 5795 2541 or email

Dialysis and Transplant Association (D.A.T.A.)
Patient self-help group of people with kidney failure, their families, carers and friends. D.A.T.A. Victoria members on dialysis can access low-cost holiday homes (two with dialysis options) for a family holiday at Rosebud, Yarrawonga, Blackburn. Find out more at 


Western Australia

DART group Central Perth
Meets at 'CRANKED' coffee shop, at the bottom of the railway ramp at Leederville Station and is on the corner of Leederville St and Oxford Rd. Please contact the organisers to confirm the next meeting
Contact Shaun or Gail on the following emails for more information: or

Albany Kidney Support Group
A small group of transplant recipients, dialysers, family and friends sharing information, experience and socialising. Enquiries: Shirley Harding on 08 9844 8404 or email her at

Renal Support Group (Bunbury) South West WA
Meet face to face regularly. This group also engages via a private Facebook group. 
Enquiries: Lulu Paxton on 0417 182 811 or email

Dialysis Support Group (Bunbury) South West WA
We are based in the South West of Western Australia. Dialysis Support Group is an autonomous group with no hospital or medical facility affiliation. The group enables those needing dialysis in the future and those currently on dialysis to support each other meeting for fun activities and meals. The group meets 1 – 2 monthly in and around Bunbury region. A newsletter is sent to those who are interested in letting them know what we have planned. We request a donation of $10 per year to cover the costs of newsletters distributed.

Should you and your partner wish to join us please call:
Michael 0409 379 084, or Lulu 0417 182 811 to find out more and let us know if you'd like us to send you our newsletter. We look forward to meeting you soon.

aHUS Patient Support Group Australia

A rare genetic disease that affects a part of the immune system, causing blood clots to form in small blood vessels throughout the body. People with aHUS have a constant risk of sudden, life-threatening complications from damage to vital organs such as the kidneys, heart and brain. aHUS can affect infants, children or adults - many develop kidney damage and need dialysis or a kidney transplant. Apply to join here. Find out more about this rare condition at 

Posterior Urethral Valve Group
Parents of children with PUV in Australia can discuss issues, concerns or share with others in a similar situation. Moderator is the parent of a baby diagnosed with PUV at 10 days old - PUV is rare. Apply to join here.

Tasmanian Kidney Community
Contact for this private Facebook group is Amanda Crawford - a dialyser from Launceston. Please introduce yourself when applying for membership. Apply to join here.


If you suspect inappropriate activity including scams or discussions that may involve illegal kidney transactions on any online, please alert the group admin as soon as possible, and contact Marcia Christmas, email or phone 1800 454 363.

Together we can help to maintain a safe online environment for the benefit of everyone living with kidney disease.


Have you heard about 'Your Kidney Forum'?
'Your Kidney Forum' is for people who are living with a kidney related illness, or people supporting someone living with kidney related illness, as well as health professionals and educators. Everyone is invited to join the discussion. Visit 'Your Kidney Forum' here.

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