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COVID-19 Vaccine and Transplants

Advice for kidney transplant recipients

Transplant recipients should follow general advice given to the community. There has been no sign of increased cases in transplanted patients yet, but this is being tracked carefully in Australia.

We recommend you try to speak to your renal specialist or transplant unit with your specific concerns. You should also take all precautions that are recommended at this time regarding COVID-19. Please continue to take all prescribed medications as normal and ensure you have two weeks of medications on hand.

There is no need for alarm. However, those with a kidney transplant should be aware that, just like with the flu, they are at a higher risk of severe symptoms and complications from Coronavirus. Coronavirus, just like any viral infection, can affect your affect your kidney function, especially if you become very unwell, dehydrated or get another infection on top. There is also an increased risk of developing acute kidney injury (AKI). Kidney Health Australia has a sick day management plan, which we recommend all patients and health professionals to follow.