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Give a monthly gift

A popular method of donation gifting is by regular donation, using a credit card or direct debit from your bank account, either monthly, or a frequency of your choosing.

 Six benefits of regular donation gifting

  1. A monthly donation gift allows you to spread the financial impact of giving across the entire year. 

  2. You can rest assured you have set-up your donation. You easily set it up once,  and can be free from thinking if you've donated, and when you should donate next.

  3. Charitable contributions reduce your tax burden at the end of the year. You can report the dollars you contributed to charity for a deduction on your taxable income, which means more money in your pocket at tax time. 

  4. You know you have kindly supported and protected the Kidney Community, and supported the promotion of good kidney health through education, advocacy, research and support programs.

  5. Regular giving also assists our forward planning, which means more certain delivery of critical programs to help us carry out our important work for the kidney community in Australia.

  6. Regular donation helps us keep the time and cost of processing donations to a minimum.


Set up a regular Kidney Health Australia donation online here.

You may also phone freecall 1800 454 363 - to arrange a regular donation gift.

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