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By donating to Kidney Health Australia, you help us save and improve the lives of the 1.7 million Australians affected by kidney disease.

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Your donation changes lives

Your generous donation helps fund life-changing support services to those affected by kidney disease. Some of these include Big Red Kidney Bus, Kidney Transplant Houses and Kids and Youth Programs. When you give a donation, you also help us increase awareness within communities and promote early detection. You help us fund important research that opens up potential for new treatments in the future.

With your compassionate donation, we can create a brighter future where everyone benefits from better kidney health. Find out more about where your money goes.

Eli's story

Three years ago, six-year-old Eli and his mum, Thelma, were told the shocking news that he only had 10% kidney function left. Eli had experienced no symptoms.

Eli had life-saving dialysis six nights a week until he received a kidney transplant. Eli and Thelma stayed at our Kidney Transplant House for a month and he also bonded with other kids at our Kidney Kid's Camp. Today, he's much like the happy, outgoing kid he was before his diagnosis.

Help other families like Eli's get vital support

Ways to give

Donate now

Whether you’d like to make a one-time donation or register for monthly giving, making a donation is easy. You can donate online here or call us 1800 454 363.

You can also send a cheque made payable to: Kidney Health Australia, PO BOX 9993 Melbourne VIC 3001

Please be sure to include your full name and address with the cheque so we can issue you a tax receipt.

Donations to Kidney Health Australia over $2.00 are tax deductible.

Thank you for your generous support!