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Give in celebration

Help us continue to support those affected by kidney disease by giving in celebration to Kidney Health Australia. We have a number of ideas to help.

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Are you celebrating something special? Maybe a birthday, wedding anniversary, christening, “kidneyversary” or Christmas? If yes, why not celebrate by collecting donations for Kidney Health Australia in lieu of gifts?

Donating in celebration of a festive occasion is a wonderful way to add meaning to a special day and help support families affected by kidney disease.

Ways you can give in celebration

or inspiration and ideas on how to give in celebration download the In Celebration toolkit. You can also:

  • Create an online fundraising page by setting up a Facebook Fundraiser and linking it to your Facebook event, or creating an online giving page with a ‘donate’ link via MyCause
  • Request to have Kidney Health Australia In Celebration envelopes delivered to your home, workplace or event space, for your guests to make donations. You can do this by calling us on 1800 454 363 or emailing

You can also make a special gift yourself by donating online in a matter of clicks.

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The impact of your giving

Gifts like yours make a huge impact. They make it possible for us to continue carrying out our work improving the quality of life of people affected by kidney disease.

Your generosity helps us provide care and support for those living with kidney disease today – and create a brighter tomorrow where every Australian can experience good kidney health.