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Your found our sneaky clue in the September Your Kidney Connections e-newsletter, not only are you very eagle-eyed, you're about to be let in on an exciting secret.

We have an exciting new fundraiser launching in November and we'd you love to get involved to raise the red flag on kidney disease so we can save lives.

Launching our Kidney Red Socks Appeal!
COVID-19 has meant our beloved Big Red Kidney Walk couldn’t take place so we’ve come up with a new event that means anyone can take part, no matter where they are, inside or out, to show support for people living with kidney disease.

What are we asking?

In November, we’re asking people to wear a pair (of red socks) to show they care and help raise money for people with kidney disease.

To celebrate, we're giving away Kidney Health Australia socks to the first 50 people to register to take part in the Red Socks Appeal.

Fill in the below form to get your socks