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Red Kidney Walk Committee Member

Help us plan the Red Kidney Walk!

Participants of the Big Red Kidney Walk


Committee members will gain valuable experience in event planning and community engagement related tasks. Each person who shares this experience can take pride in knowing they are working to support families impacted by kidney disease. Volunteering at the Red Kidney Walk is a great way to honour those living with kidney disease and their family and friends. You get to support and work with your local community, build friendships, learn new skills and have a lot of fun all while making a difference. You can volunteer by yourself or gather a group of family and friends.


Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide

Time Commitment

2-4 hours per week, with possibility of additional hours closer to the event day. It is estimated that there will be one committee meeting per month, with frequency increasing closer to the event date.

Duration of Project

April - November

Required Training

Red Kidney Walk Committee members who help plan the event may need to complete training and orientation to support their role.

Volunteer Positions and Responsibilities

Each local committee varies in its planning and schedule. Committee members help plan and promote the event. They ensure everything is organised, from recruiting suppliers and sponsors to planning day-of-event activities, virtual get-togethers and fundraising.

Responsibilities include:

  • Attending a monthly meeting (held after hours for a maximum of two hours). Frequency increases closer to the event and is dependent on the role and share responsibilities.
  • Volunteer hours are flexible. Two hours a week is suggested to follow up in between meetings on action items and planning via email, phone calls and possible promotional opportunities.
  • On event day, responsibilities are shared, and a roster is developed.
  • After the event, a debrief meeting and celebration ensures key learnings are shared.
  • Requirements vary depending on the role.

Additional Requirements

About you

We are seeking enthusiastic individuals with an interest in planning events and making a difference in the community. Previous events experience is not required.

Structure of committee

A volunteer committee is formed with community members from different backgrounds and with various skills. Committee members will come together on a regular basis to plan and execute their local Red Kidney Walk. Each committee is supported by a Kidney Health Australia staff member who works alongside the committee, offering support and guidance.

There are different roles available:

  • Chair/ Co-chairs: This role is responsible for keeping the committee on track, by chairing meetings, taking minutes and circulating action items. They are the key contact for committee members and liaise with Kidney Health Australia staff on the committee’s behalf.
  • Promotion, marketing and sponsorship: This role is responsible for sourcing entertainment, planning and running activities, sourcing suppliers and where possible gifts in kinds and local sponsorship.
  • Production: This role ensures that the event happens by pulling together everything the committee needs to produce the event. Tasks include sourcing and preparing the venue for event day, sourcing logistical requirements such as staging, lighting, etc. Ensuring OH&S requirements are met and that there are volunteers to assist the committee on the day.
  • Day-of-event volunteers: This role helps with logistics, information, and many other important activities on the day of the event. This role does not require the monthly commitment, it requires one hour training and, on the day, only.
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