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Primary care program

Kidney Health Australia has been providing accredited education to primary care health professionals since 2001. Our education is focused on the detection and management of kidney disease, as well as the link between kidney disease and other chronic conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Primary care education is offered in the following formats:

Content is designed for:

  • General Practitioners & registrars
  • Nurses
  • Pharmacists
  • Aboriginal health workers and practitioners
  • and any other interested health professionals.

All education activities are governed by an expert committee, called the Primary Care Education Advisory Committee for Kidney Health Australia (PEAK). This committee is comprised of prominent kidney specialists, general practitioners, primary healthcare nurses, educators, a renal nurse, a pharmacist and consumers.

Kidney Health Professional Hub CKD Management handbook

Organise an event.

To participate in, or to organise a face-to-face or digital training sessions in your local area, please email our team at [email protected].
We coordinate our sessions by collaborating with local health organisations, primary care networks and kidney healthcare teams.

Become a presenter.

Join our growing list of volunteer presenters supported by our primary care program. We provide you with ready-made presentations and resources suitable for presenting to all levels of Health Care Professionals and consumers.

Please email our team at [email protected].

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Listen to Breonny Robson, our General Manager, Clinical and Research, on the Nursing Australia Podcast.