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Harrison Chilcott

"I Kidney Check every Monday morning..."

At the moment, I Kidney Check every Monday morning. This is because I had a kidney transplant 3 months ago. The doctors check my tacro and creatinine levels. Before my dad gave me a kidney, I couldn’t eat chocolate and I was on dialysis for 5 months. It was every kid's nightmare. I knew my kidneys weren’t working properly from when I was born, but some people have kidney disease and they don’t even know it. Also, I was lucky my dad was a match. Some people have to wait up to three or more years for a match.

I'm so lucky that my mum is also match, so when my dad’s kidney fails one day, I’ll steal Mum's. It’s very important to check your kidney health so you can keep eating chocolate and not go on dialysis. And maybe one day, your kidney can help someone like my dad’s helped me.

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