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You have already made some very significant inroads towards managing your kidney health. It is important you continue and book an appointment with your GP to organise a Kidney Health Check as based on your Kidney Risk Test results you're at increased risk of developing kidney disease.

We can support you taking this step in a variety of ways:

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Kidney failure can strike without any symptoms.

Lesley was only 29 years old when she was diagnosed with under 10% kidney function. She’s been on dialysis now for over 12 years, still waiting for a transplant. Although she’s a warrior and extremely positive person, kidney disease is something she doesn’t wish upon anyone. “I was diagnosed quite suddenly, and the diagnosis changed my life. It’s quite shocking to suddenly be hooked up to a machine 3 times a week, 5 hours a day just to perform a normal bodily function. I urge everyone who is at risk to get a Kidney Health Check from your GP. Do whatever you can to postpone kidney failure.”