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Patient research in anaemia of chronic kidney disease

Brief Description:

We are in the process of interviewing patients who have been diagnosed with anaemia of CKD and would like to request your help in approaching a few suitable patients who would be interested in taking part in a 1-hour telephone interview (they receive $100). In total, we would like to interview 16 patients nationally, including a few indigenous patients if possible. We would like to see if it’s possible to ask you to approach patients for research interviews from the following groups: Non-dialysis dependent (pre-dialysis) NDD 4 Receiving peritoneal dialysis (PD) at home 4 Supportive care patient (Stage 5) SC 4 Receiving haemodialysis (HD) at a centre or home 4 Eligibility criteria: • patients >25 yrs, who are comfortable discussing their anaemia of CKD and experiences living with and managing their condition. • actively receiving erythropoietin stimulating agent (ESA) or who have been offered an ESA and declined or have been on an ESA in the past.

Type of research:


Your time commitment:


Consumers re-imbursed?

Paid for involvement

For participation, participants will be given compensation of $100 for 60 minutes of their time (via electronic funds transfer or cheque or gift card if preferred)

Who are researchers looking for?

Person on dialysis / transplant

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