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Long-Term Quality of Life in Kidney Transplant Recipients: An Australian Perspective

Brief Description:

Research suggests that the quality of life in kidney transplant recipients improves within the initial 2 years post-transplant but very little is known about the long-term quality of life trends in this population. This is despite the fact that the median survival rate of a transplanted kidney in Australia is currently 14.7 years. This project will investigate the quality of life experiences over four timeframes post-transplant. With survival rates increasing, research into the psychological states of this population should also broaden their focus towards investigating longer-term timeframes, which better reflect the transplant population. It will also investigate what are the predictors of higher levels of quality of life in post-transplant patients. Participants in this study will consist of individuals in Australia who are living with a transplanted kidney and data will be collected through an online survey.

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Student Project

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Person on dialysis / transplant

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