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'Golden Christmas' Lottery No 272

Golden Christmas

Your participation in the Kidney Health Lottery is helping improve the quality of life for thousands of Australian children, teens, and adults living with kidney and urinary tract disease.

Each and every ticket you purchase contributes much-needed funds for services, programs and initiatives which deliver long-term assistance and support to affected individuals, families and carers.

It also helps to fund important research, education and advocacy programs which aim to increase detection and treatment for millions of Australians, plus promote good kidney health and help to reduce the incidence of kidney disease in the Australian community.

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13 prizes to win!

1st prize: $100,000 Gold Bullion

2nd prize: $50,000 Gold Bullion

3rd prize: $20,000 Gold Bullion

4th prize: $10,000 Gold Bullion

5th: $5,000 STA Travel Voucher

6th: $2,500 STA Travel Voucher

7th: $1,000 STA Travel Voucher

8th-12th: $500 Coles Group and Myer Gift Card

1st bonus draw: Spend $150 to be in the draw to win a $10,000 Gold Bullion

Total value: $201,000

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Fundraising for Charity

Did you know diseases of the kidney and urinary system contribute to approximately 14% of all Australian deaths?

98% of our funding depends on community donations – your support makes a difference! Your lottery entry contribution supports Kidney Health Australia's education, advocacy, research and support programs.

Your support helps improve the lives of people affected by kidney disease.

'K Lottery' Terms and Conditions 

* The actual amount of gold will be determined on the day in line with the spot price of gold at the time full Terms of Use visit https://www.ainsliebullion.com.au/TermsOfTrade.aspx or phone 1800 819 474

**For full Terms of Use visit giftcards.com.au or phone 1300 725 159

Permit Numbers: M13571.ACT R 18/00172.10588/18.GOCAU/2078

Event Code: NAT-272

Start Date: 22/10/2018

Close Date: 18/12/2018

Draw Date: 21/12/2018

Where: Level 1, 136 Frome St Adelaide SA

Time: 2.00pm

Results Published: 28/12/2018 in The Australian in public notice section

Tickets: 20,000

Price: $50.00 each

Prizes: 13

Website: www.kidney.org.au

Total suggested retail value of prizes: $201,000

This lottery will be conducted by Kidney Health Australia for the purpose of raising funds for medical research and education programs. Persons under the age of 18 years are not permitted to enter the draw. Due to permit regulations, WA residents are not permitted to purchase tickets in this lottery – see our exclusive WA lotteries!

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