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How the Bus works

The Bus makes it possible for many people on haemodialysis, anywhere in Australia, to enjoy much-needed time away with family and friends.

Three people on the big red kidney bus

The Big Red Kidney Bus features three comfortable chairs – each fully equipped with dialysis machines. It travels to different locations in Victoria and New South Wales each year, staying for up to six weeks at a time, allowing people to book short or long holidays without having to worry about missing dialysis treatments. There are up to six sessions available per day, and you can book as many as required throughout the duration of your holiday.

The Bus itself is free, but you’ll need to pay for your own holiday accommodation and travel. Thanks to the generous support of Monash Health (Victoria) and Royal North Shore Hospital (New South Wales), you’ll be cared for by highly experienced and caring dialysis nurses when on board.

How the Big Red Kidney Bus gets ready

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