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Kidney Youth Champions

Meet our trained volunteers who live with kidney disease; we call them our Youth Champions.

The Youth Champs Group take a selfie in an escape room

Our Kidney Youth Champions are passionate about improving the lives of kids living with kidney disease so you might see them visiting your paediatric unit, speaking at Kidney Health Australia events, or chatting on our closed Facebook group for Kidney Youth.

Register for monthly meetings by emailing or join our Kidney Youth Champions private Facebook group here. Moderated by Kidney Health Australia staff and the Youth Champions, it is a safe place to connect and socialise (over 18s only).

Meet the Kidney Youth Champions

Luke's Story

"When I was diagnosed with end-stage kidney disease at 23 years old, I imagined leading a normal life. I was the youngest on the kidney ward by decades, and all of my hopes and plans for the future changed. I desperately needed to meet another young person who had been through what I was about to go through, who not only succeeded in their health but also in their life. I didn't even imagine that someone like that existed.

Since working with Kidney Health Australia as a Youth Champion, I've met inspiring people who have it worse and manage to be happier and more active than I am. They set an example that helps me think positively, work on accepting the hand I've been dealt and focus on how I can use my experience to help others.

Every person living with kidney disease deserves that experience. Everyone deserves hope."

Luke Macauley, Kidney Youth Champion

For Luke's full story, click here.

Amy's Story

"My Name is Amy Cameron I am 26 years old and live in a small country town on the border of NSW and Victoria. I was born with renal dysplasia I first started Peritoneal Dialysis when I was 8 years old. Then when I was 10, I had a transplant unfortunately my transplant rejected and a year later I started back on Peritoneal Dialysis which I did for a further 14 years. This Year in June I started my new dialysis journey with haemodialysis.

I honestly would not have gotten through everything I have been through without my support network of family and friends. If there is one thing, I can say is that it helps to have the support of loved ones around you.

Living a country/rural area has its challenges when living with kidney disease. That is why I also make sure that I have a great relationship with my specialists GP and my Pharmacist. Do not forget it is the little milestones that are worth celebrating. As kidney disease can be quite the roller coaster at times so what helps me when I am having a bad is to remember those little moments and try not to dwell on the challenging times.

We are all in this long and at times hard journey together, so it helps when all support one another.

Being a part of Kidney Health Australia and being a Kidney Youth Champion has really been one of the best experiences. Through this program and its supports, I have made lifelong friends who understand the struggles of living with kidney disease. There is always so much support and for that I am incredibly grateful for."

Amy Cameron, Kidney Youth Champion