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Boston was just six weeks old when his kidneys started to fail.

Since that day, this brave, bright little boy has been fighting for life.

Dad, Lucas and mum, Tennielle were devastated to learn their baby had a rare kidney disorder that leads to childhood kidney failure — they have now lost count of the number of times he has been in hospital.

Boston’s year of ‘firsts’ was not the usual milestones of first steps, first smile, first tooth. Instead, Boston’s family remember his first operation, his first port clean, his first infection.

Boston has had to endured countless operations and months of high-level care - both his kidneys had to be removed.  

At bedtime, Boston is now hooked up to a dialysis machine for 10 hours every night.

Dad, Lucas has always told his beautiful little boy, Boston he is a superhero — because every night, Boston gets plugged into his special machine to clean his blood and give him his super-powers. He even has a super special belt!

Lately though, Boston is starting to ask questions and gets frustrated. It’s so hard to explain to a little boy that this machine is keeping him alive.

It’s heartbreaking.

Boston and his family have been through so much.

For Lucas and Tennielle, it can be so hard to find people who understand what their family has to go through — and that is exactly why through your support we have been able to set up Peer Support Groups, the Kidney Helpline and the Kidney Buddy Program to meet this need.

These vital programs bring together individuals and families with lived experience of kidney disease, providing a sense of hope and understanding, as well as tips and strategies to manage living with the disease.

“To have someone who truly understands what we are going through is so important. We are so grateful that this service is available for families like ours when we need it,” says Tennielle.
Tenielle, Boston and Lucas, Christmas 2022.
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