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Inesh's story

Twenty-nine-year-old Inesh has dialysis three times a week.

Inesh stands with two others in front of a Kidney Health Australia banner

Twenty-nine-year-old Inesh has dialysis three times a week. He started dialysis when he was 20 and shortly after received a kidney transplant from his mum. Sadly, four years later his body rejected the kidney and Inesh started back on dialysis.

Late last year Inesh wasn’t feeling very well and his siter was getting ready to take him to the doctors when she went to check on him and found him unresponsive. Inesh’s heart had stopped. His sister performed CPR until the ambulance arrived and rushed him to hospital.

Inesh was on life support for two weeks. Once off life support he endured many more weeks in hospital learning how to walk and talk again. Inesh is still recovering, however he has come a long way, getting back his muscle mass and coordination, as well as regaining his independence.

Having seen the impact of what this disease has done to Inesh a group of his closest friends completed a non-stop 24-hour bike ride and raised an incredible $38,000. They have chosen to donate 50% of proceeds to Kidney Health Australia to support vital services for kidney patients and families.

We thank Inesh and his friends for sharing their story and for their inspiring fundraising efforts.

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Four Big Red Kidney Walk participants pose