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As a remote Area Nurse in the Northern Territory, Kylie was accustomed to dealing with a range of health issues of her patients. She was not expecting that she would face her own life-threatening health challenge in 2022, when she developed Toxic Shock Syndrome and was admitted to ICU for an extended period.

Kylie sustained an acute kidney injury and started dialysis. She suffered extensive renal necrosis and was in need of a kidney transplant. She was on dialysis for a year, when her younger sister gave her a forever life changing gift – a kidney.

Kylie stayed in our Transplant House in Adelaide and her family was able to join her. She is grateful for this opportunity as it lessened the psychological and financial burdens of undergoing a transplant. As a result of the support that Kylie and her family received, Kylie intends to leave a gift in her Will to Kidney Health Australia.

Kylie’s journey was a difficult one. She had been a healthy, active mum to her young children and family, with no medical issues or constraints on her life. Her kidney disease diagnosis changed everyone’s life.

“You may be that person affected by a kidney problem and will be looking for support and help to get you through this difficult time. Even a small gift in Will, can make a real difference.”

If you are considering taking this generous decision, to leave a gift in your Will to Kidney Health Australia, please be in touch.