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Kidney problems have been a constant in Nikki’s life. After a long battle with kidney infections, bladder issues and dozens of surgeries, at the age of just 21, Nikki was diagnosed with stage two chronic kidney disease. Nikki has only half a functioning kidney.

Since her diagnosis, Nikki’s kidney health has continued to decline. Some days, she suffers from chronic pain, ongoing fatigue and itchy and swollen legs.

Nikki knows the value of having someone to connect with who understands what living with kidney disease is like.

“I have met people from Australia and around the world who live with kidney related disease. As much as my family and friends have been amazing and supportive, it’s so nice to chat to someone else who understands what it’s like going through kidney disease."

Through your support, you are helping to connect more people like Nikki with much needed services. Services like the Kidney Helpline and Buddy Program so they can connect with others who understand the impact of kidney disease.