If you are on home haemodialysis, your options for travel are:

  • take your machine with you in a caravan, trailer or boat
  • go to a fixed dialysis house or campervan that already has a machine you can use
  • organise dialysis at a dialysis unit close to your destination
  • use the big red kidney bus
  • go on a special holiday tour organised with dialysis included.

Planning a trip must always be done in collaboration with your dialysis healthcare team.

Take your dialysis machine
If you use portable dialysis technology you can take your machine and dialysate bags with you, or possibly have them delivered. If you use machines that need to be linked to water treatment, and wish to use them in a portable holiday setting, you need to talk to your dialysis healthcare team and obtain technical support and advice. It may take a bit of effort, but the chance of a holiday could be worth it.

We have produced a quick reference 'Home Dialysis on the Road'', a guide to help you plan your dialysis ‘on the road’. It includes practical tips and real-life stories. You can download this  guide here

Kidney Kamper Van
The Kidney Kamper Van is a mobile dialysis unit currently available on the Gold Coast, Queensland, enabling people who are trained to do their own dialysis to holiday in the region. The plan is to expand the program nationally.

This initiative was made possible by a generous start-up donation of $50,000 from the Wade Family. To raise more funds, Rod Wade, known as the ‘Vintage Adventurer’, drives his 1930 Model A Ford on expeditions to remote locations. Every dollar raised goes to helping put a fleet of Kidney Kamper Vans on the road.

More information will be made available when the next Kidney Kamper Vans are on the road – watch this space.

See more about Rod Wade’s adventures and hopes for the Kidney Kamper Van program here

In some states you can have access to holiday homes with fixed dialysis machines. Your dialysis healthcare team can advise on the details and process for booking. You can read more about them here

Big Red Kidney Bus
If you’re travelling in Victoria you may wish to consider our mobile dialysis unit, the Big Red Kidney Bus, as an option.

You can find out the details and locations by phoning freecall 1800 454 363 or going to our webpage here 

In New Zealand, motor homes with a fixed dialysis machine are available. You can read more about them here

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