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Self-management of your health

People with chronic kidney disease may approach the management of their health in different ways. Some choose to take charge of their own health, with guidance from their healthcare team, while others prefer to leave it up to the health professionals.

The issue with relying totally on health professionals is they are not available all of the time.

The benefits of taking charge of your own health

If you choose to take charge of your own health, the benefits can be:

  • greater understanding of your condition
  • a sense of control and independence
  • improved quality of life
  • increased ability to make decisions about treatment options
  • less risk of depression
  • better overall health outcomes.

Managing chronic kidney disease appropriately can help to prevent or delay the progression of the illness to its end stages, when dialysis or a kidney transplant is required to sustain life. It can also help to control symptoms.

How to manage your own health

Managing your own health can include:

  • learning about your disease
  • being an active participant in making health decisions
  • monitoring your blood pressure and weight
  • understanding your medications
  • managing your dialysis treatment as much as possible
  • knowing how to deal with health emergencies specific to your disease.

Your doctor, nurse, kidney specialist and other members of your healthcare team are all available to help you.

Links to fact sheets and helpful information can be found here: Resources.


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