Choosing your treatment

When you have end stage kidney disease, you are faced with making important decisions about treatment.

Our decision aid, ‘My kidneys My choice’, can help you to work through the process. This tool considers all treatment options – dialysis, kidney transplant and supportive care – and will help you to:

- understand the importance of making a decision

  • consider and write down your current lifestyle priorities
  • compare your treatment options in relation to your lifestyle priorities
  • actively participate in making a treatment choice with your family and healthcare providers.

‘My Kidneys My Choice’ Decision Aid

  • talk to your local renal unit and ask for a printed copy
  • or click below to access a digital version


Doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers can access the health professionals guide to ‘My Kidneys My Choice’ by emailing and requesting the password.

Links to fact sheets and other helpful information can be found here: Resource library.

Your Kidney Forum
You may also wish to visit our onsite forum to read about the experience of others on dialysis, ask a question or to post about your experience on dialysis. You can read the comments posted, to register to post in Your Kidney Forum here.  

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