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Kidney transplants

A transplant is a treatment for kidney failure. Find out what's involved, who can have one, and how to prepare.

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A transplant is a treatment for kidney failure, where the kidneys are no longer able to function. Most people go on dialysis first while they're waiting for a suitable kidney to be available.

For people facing kidney failure, a transplant offers them the potentials to enjoy a longer, more active life, without having to continue with dialysis. Even if a transplant fails, many people are able to successfully have second and subsequent transplants.

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We welcome you to call our Kidney Helpline on 1800 454 363 for additional support.

Before you decide to have a transplant, it's important to talk to your doctor and understand the risks. You might also find the resources below useful.

Organ donation

With roughly 1,400 people waiting for a kidney transplant at any one time, and a median wait time of 2.2 years, your donation can make a significant impact. Learn more.

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We're here to support you

Our Kidney Transplant Houses are free to eligible applicants to stay and recover in post-transplant.

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