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Who we are

Our staff and volunteers are our greatest assets and we value their commitment, passion and contribution to the kidney health cause.

Kidney Health Australia employees outside the office

At Kidney Health Australia, we are a close-knit workforce that values professionalism, collaboration and ambition in our people.

Our large kidney community comprises volunteers, staff, clinical stakeholders, consumer groups and local groups. Together, we work to provide better services, support and treatment for the kidney community.

While members of our team come from a variety of backgrounds, we all stand united to help people with kidney disease live their best possible life. We have different departments with responsibilities that span advocacy and research, community programs, consumer and primary care education, fundraising, finance and communication activities.

Our volunteers support us in a number of ways; providing office support, helping run our events, conducting fundraising activities or providing peer support to others in the community. Find out more on our Volunteers page.

As one, we help those affected by kidney disease to connect with each other. Discover online groups and social gatherings on our Support groups - Kidney Clubs page.

Our Chief Executive Officer, Chris Forbes

Chris Forbes was appointed as CEO of Kidney Health Australia in October 2018. Chris has more than 20 years of executive and leadership experience across both commercial and not-for-profit industries including; agriculture, sport, ticketing, venues and entertainment. Chris is an accomplished and inspirational leader, experienced at growing organisations and ensuring they achieve their potential by building relationships while bringing staff, community leaders and the commercial sector along on the journey.

With a proven track record in organisational transformation, Chris has taken up the task to find new ways to develop Kidney Health Australia’s funding and resources – supporting the programs and services we provide and to ensure the sustainability and growth of Kidney Health Australia.

Great Place To Work Certified

We're proud to announce that Kidney Health Australia is now certified as a Great Place To Work and is recognised for our amazing culture and welcoming team.

"Being a Great Place To Work is a core priority for us! It’s an enabler for us to provide the best support we can to people with kidney disease. We also recognise that the work continues everyday to remain that way." - Kidney Health Australia CEO, Chris Forbes.

Kidney Health Australia team

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