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Join our Red Socks Appeal!

Wear a pair to show you care

This November, our Kidney Health Red Socks Appeal is raising vital funds for people living with kidney disease. Find out how you can get involved!

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About Us

We are the peak body for kidney disease in Australia. We have been providing trustworthy resources, support services and research funding to the Australian community for over 50 years, to tackle kidney disease and work towards a future where every Australian can enjoy good health. Find out more

About Us

Check your kidney disease risk

Kidney disease is a silent killer where 90% of kidney function can be lost before symptoms are apparent. Take our online test to check your risk early and prevent a life with kidney disease.

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Get physical this November

Roam, Run or Ride in your Red Socks: We want to show the impact of kidney disease to others. So we’re asking you to step into the shoes of people on dialysis who spend on average 60 hours a month hooked to a life-saving machine, and walk, run or ride 60 kms to show you care.

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