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1 in 3 people living with diabetes will develop kidney disease

All Australians living with diabetes should get an annual Kidney Health Check.

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A silent killer with no cure

90% of kidney function can be lost with no symptoms

Don’t wait for symptoms to get a Kidney Health Check from your GP, especially if you have diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart disease

3 in 4 Aussies are at risk of kidney disease

Take our 2min online risk test to see if you’re at risk: click on link below

12% of deaths in Australia are kidney related

We’re saving lives by fighting for earlier detection and treatment

1 in 6 hospitalisations are kidney related

We’re training healthcare professionals & supporting Aussies whose lives are often severely restricted by invasive dialysis 60 hours a month

Take our Kidney Risk Test!

Currently, over 1.8 million Australians are unaware they have signs of kidney disease. Take the Kidney Risk Test now and we will help you understand your risk and vital next steps.

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First Nations Australians

First Nations people are twice as likely to develop kidney disease and four times as likely to die from kidney disease than non-indigenous Australians. A key priority is to work with local communities to address the inequities in care for First Nations Australians living with chronic kidney disease.

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