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Peer support

Connecting to someone who has lived experience of kidney disease or caring for someone with kidney disease can provide a sense of hope, reduce isolation and reveal tips and strategies for managing living with the disease.

A woman extends her hand in support to another woman in a therapy session

Peer support can be offered on a one-to-one basis, in a group setting or virtually. Chatting to someone or joining a group of people who have walked in your shoes and understand your journey can be rewarding and even inspiring.

Why peer support is important

The benefits of participating in peer support activities that suit your needs, location and stage of kidney disease may include:

  • Assistance finding information and resources
  • Tips for navigating the healthcare system
  • Sharing practical experiences of treatment and lifestyle changes
  • Supporting a carer, family or friend to manage their role and connect to support
  • Finding inspiration from stories of people living well with kidney disease

Kidney Health Australia has a few options to connect you to others experiencing similar challenges in a range of ways to suit your individual needs.

Ways to Connect