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QKidney risk calculator

Many health professionals conduct assessments with the public to help assess their risk of developing kidney disease. The QKidney® risk calculator can be a helpful tool to assist with these assessments. 

QKidney® risk calculator can be accessed free at qkidney.org or as an iPhone or iPad app

You can use this calculator to assess the risk of developing moderate-severe kidney disease over the next five years by answering some simple questions. 

The QKidney® algorithms are based on routinely collected data from many thousands of general practices across the United Kingdom who have contributed data to the QResearch database for medical research. 

The calculator requires height, weight and systolic blood pressure measures as well as responses to a few questions that relate to risk factors for chronic kidney disease. It is a great educational tool as people will learn what factors increase their risk of developing chronic kidney disease. 

Documents to assist the use of the calculator
Kidney Health Australia has developed some documents to assist health professionals to conduct QKidney® assessments, including:

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