Kidney disease

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Need a general introduction to kidney disease?
See our Kidney Fast Fact fact sheet or Kidney Health Infographic.

Acute Kidney Injury 
Advanced Kidney Cancer
Advanced Kidney Cancer – Dealing with the side effects of medication: targeted therapy
All about Anaemia  
All about Chronic Kidney Disease 
Alport Syndrome  
Blood in the Urine   
Blood pressure and Chronic Kidney Disease
Calcium and Phosphate Balance   
Cardiovascular Disease and Chronic Kidney Disease    
Common Kidney Disease Symptoms Management Options  

Depression & Chronic Kidney Disease  
Diabetic Kidney Disease
Diagnosis and Types of Kidney Cancer  
Drink water instead 
eGFR - Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate  
Finding Kidney Problems before you Baby is Born  
Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes and Kidney Disease
How to Look after your Kidneys   
IgA Nephritis
Kidney Cancer
Kidney Cancer – Advanced  
Kidney Cancer – Localised
Kidney Cancer – Make the most of your visit to the doctor  
Kidney Cysts
Kidney Disease Tests and Procedures  
Kidney Stones  

Life with a Single Kidney
Localised Kidney Cancer 
Looking after Yourself with Kidney Disease
Lupus Nephritis  
Membranous Nephropathy      
Nephritis - Glomerulonephritis
Nutrition and Kidney Disease   
Polycystic Kidney Disease   
Sexuality, Fertility and Kidney Disease
Support for Kidney Cancer
Transplant and Travel: Travel medicine advice for international travel after kidney transplant

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