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Teaching self-management

People doing dialysis at home require good self-management skills, or they may remain dependent on the home dialysis unit.

Self-management means that the patient has been supported to a point where they are in a position to:

  • understand the nature of their condition including risk factors and co-morbidities
  • have knowledge of their treatment options and are able to make informed choices regarding treatments
  • actively participate in decision-making with health professionals, family and carers, and other support persons in terms of continuing care
  • follow a treatment or care plan that has been negotiated and agreed with healthcare providers, family, carers and agencies including non-government and consumer organisations
  • monitor signs and symptoms of change in their health condition and have an action plan to respond to identified changes
  • manage the impact of the condition on their physical, emotional and social life and have better mental health and wellbeing as a result
  • adopt a lifestyle that reduces risk and promotes health through prevention and early intervention
  • have confidence in their ability to use support services and make decisions regarding their health and quality of life.

(Reference: Australian Capital Territory Chronic Disease Self-management

Once a person can self-manage they will be far more capable of making their own decisions about their care and are more likely to follow prescribed regimes.

Understanding teaching strategies may speed up the training process. The principles of teaching self-management are shared decision-making and training the patient in how to make key decisions. Adult learning principles are also important.

State programmes for self-management
These websites cover the principles of self-management and how it is integrated into health programmes around Australia.

Refer to information on Australian Government Chronic Disease Management - GP services

The Western Australian programme is particularly advanced in this area. Leaflets are available from many of the sites.

Training tools
An online training package for self-management is currently available through the ONE portal.

You can visit the ONE site here.

Further enquiries
If you have any queries about teaching self-management, please phone us on freecall 1800 454 363 or email homedialysis@kidney.org.au.

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