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Medical and Scientific Research Grant 2018 Funding Round

Kidney Health Australia is pleased to announce the launch of the Kidney Health Australia Research Medical and Scientific Research 2018 Funding Round.

After reviewing its research program over the past 18 months, Kidney Health Australia is now focusing three streams of kidney disease research:

•   Stream 1: Improving quality of life and duration of life for those living with CKD
•   Stream 2: Making kidney transplants last longer
•   Stream 3: Preventing the progression of chronic kidney disease

Kidney Health Australia Research will fund a single stream each year, rotating annually. In 2018, Kidney Health Australia Research will be seeking applications for:

Stream 1: Improving quality of life and duration of life for those living with Chronic Kidney Disease

Kidney Health Australia Research will prioritise research in three areas:

•   Basic science
•   Psychosocial
•   Clinical science/population health

Proposals will be accepted from senior researchers currently working in the kidney disease field.

How to Apply

1.  Before submitting an application, applicants are advised to read:

•   Kidney Health Australia Research Programs policies Download
•   Guide for Applicants  Download

2.  Complete the Application Form Download 

3.  Applications must include a signed Certification Page Download

4.  Submit the completed Application Form and Certification Page via email to research@kidney.org.au


The deadline for funding submissions is Monday 11 June 2018.



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