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Support Groups – Kidney Clubs

Kidney Clubs are support groups designed for people living with kidney disease. They provide a great opportunity to meet others with similar experiences.

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About Kidney Clubs

Kidney Clubs, supported by Kidney Health Australia, are groups that bring together all kinds of people affected by kidney disease. The Clubs provide a great opportunity for people to meet and share their experiences.

Gathering with other members of the community can help people feel less alone in their journey. It also allows those affected by kidney disease to connect with like-minded individuals who face similar challenges.

Benefits of Kidney Clubs

Kidney Clubs are specifically designed for patients, families and carers of those living with kidney disease, no matter what stage they are in. That includes those who are on dialysis, have had (or are waiting for) a kidney transplant, or have one or more health conditions that can cause kidney function impairment.

By meeting others who have gone through similar experiences, you may feel inspired. Events are diverse and range from casual get-togethers to peer support, spanning topics such as management and treatment types.

Carers and family members of those with kidney disease are welcome. Many loved ones find these support groups helpful; they feel more informed about providing appropriate and effective care, and of course, meet other carers and family members going through a similar experience.

Find a Kidney Club near you

Starting your own Kidney Club

Many people host their own Kidney Clubs in coffee shops, neighbourhood centres, parks or even online. There are no set rules; you and your members can decide.

If you’re interested in setting up your own Kidney Club, Kidney Health Australia can help. Get in touch with us at or 1800 454 363 and start connecting with your local community today.

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