Home dialysis includes both peritoneal dialysis and home haemodialysis.
You can choose to dialyse during the day or night. There are various lifestyle and health benefits associated with these options. It’s very important for you and your family to learn as much as you can about your different options.

Peritoneal dialysis

There are two types of peritoneal dialysis: continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (the day-time bags) and automated peritoneal dialysis (the overnight machine). Both use the same catheter (tube), which is placed in the stomach.

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Both methods are easy to learn, gentle and work 24 hours a day. Peritoneal dialysis offers more flexibility and does not have as many diet and fluid restrictions. It’s easier to take a holiday too.

Everything you need is provided to your home and you are taught how to manage your own dialysis. On average this takes about a week. You’re then supported at home to manage your own dialysis.

You can find out more about peritoneal dialysis here.

Home haemodialysis

Home haemodialysis uses a machine that delivers your blood to a dialyser, which cleans the blood and returns it to you. It’s the same treatment as haemodialysis that’s done at a dialysis centre. However, home haemodialysis has a number of advantages.

Increased treatment hours are associated with better health and there are fewer diet and fluid restrictions. You decide the treatment schedules in collaboration with your healthcare team. The options are:

  • dialysing during the day or overnight
  • sessions that range from two to eight hours (longer sessions usually overnight)
  • three to seven sessions a week.

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You can find out more about home haemodialysis here.

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