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Bequests: Leave A Gift In Your Will

Leaving a bequest to Kidney Health Australia will contribute to the valuable work of Kidney Health Australia, and the kidney community of Australia.

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A Bequest is a simple yet powerful way to leave a gift in your Will, and a gift to the generations to come. It will provide ongoing support to a cause that matters to you – and allow you to be there for people with kidney disease both today and tomorrow.

Leaving a Bequest to Kidney Health Australia is easy. You can do it as you’re writing, amending, or updating your Will.

Twanny’s story

In 1971, Twanny received a gift he will always be thankful for. He received a kidney transplant just a few weeks after his 18th birthday. Remarkably, that same donated kidney is still serving Twanny well today.

For Twanny, leaving a gift to Kidney Health Australia in his Will is his way of giving back to the organisation that has done so much for him.

“I once heard someone say you don’t have to be rich to leave a gift in your Will to charity and it stuck,” he says. Twanny decided to remember Kidney Health Australia in his Will and he is excited that it will be used so practically. It’ll be an ongoing investment into research that will advance treatments for future generations diagnosed with kidney disease.

“Transplants were relatively new when I had one,” he explains. “So many people worked to keep me alive. I hope I’ll fund research that keeps people alive in the future.”

What you need to know

Make a Bequest today

By leaving a gift in your Will, you help to ensure life-changing services are available for Australians affected by kidney disease when they need them the most. That includes our mobile dialysis Big Red Kidney Bus, our Kidney Transplant Houses, and our Children and Youth Program. Your generosity also funds ground-breaking research into new treatments for kidney disease.

We appreciate you considering leaving a Bequest to Kidney Health Australia. If you have any questions about remembering Kidney Health Australia in your Will, please get in touch.

Roberta Armitage Bequest Officer


Post: GPO Box 9993, Melbourne VIC 3001

Phone: 03 9674 4383