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Holiday dialysis with the Big Red Kidney Bus

The Big Red Kidney Bus makes it possible for people on haemodialysis to enjoy a much-needed holiday.

Three people on the big red kidney bus

COVID update


As COVID-19 continues to impact the community in Victoria and New South Wales, the ongoing lockdowns and increased incidence of transmission of the Delta variant are of great concern.

For the safety of our Bus users and nursing staff Kidney Health Australia and Monash Health have made the decision to withdraw the Big Red Kidney Bus from operations in Victoria for the remainder of 2021. Bookings have now been closed.

The NSW Bus has remained off road throughout 2021 and unfortunately will continue to do so for the rest of the year. Whilst this service has been out of action, Kidney Health Australia has been refurbishing a new Bus ready for next year. We’re excited to get this shiny new Bus on the road and look forward to welcoming patients onboard in 2022!

We aim to resume the Bus service in January, COVID permitting, and are currently working with holiday parks to develop the schedule of destinations in Victoria and NSW for 2022.

Keep checking back here for the latest information about the service and destinations for 2022.

We hope you stay safe and well.

Making long awaited holidays happen

“Planning is a big part of travelling whilst on dialysis and using the Big Red Kidney Bus makes planning for trips so much easier. It is so simple to go online to see the bus locations and to book through the Kidney Health Australia website. I can’t express enough how great this facility is! The staff are excellent and go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and even introduce you to fellow Bus users." - Stephen

Stephen on dialysis

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