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Find A Dialysis Unit

If you need to travel due to relocation or an unplanned trip, we can help you find dialysis units within Australia or overseas.

A dialysis unit

Planning ahead

While there are options and resources available, be sure to plan carefully following these steps:

  1. Talk to your dialysis healthcare team
  2. Plan your dialysis treatment or transplant support
  3. Organise medications and supplies

Locating a dialysis unit near me

You can check whether there’s a dialysis unit near your travel destination by using our Australian Dialysis Unit Guide. It can be used for referrals, when relocating, or to arrange short-term dialysis treatment across Australia. It also includes information on home dialysis clinics and children’s hospitals, as well as provide directions through Google maps.

The Guide was inspired and pioneered by a dedicated volunteer, Graham Herbert, who passed away in 2012. Thank you, Graham.

Find your nearest dialysis centre

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    The Big Red Kidney Bus

    If you’re thinking about a holiday, check out our free Big Red Kidney Bus mobile dialysis services. They travel to popular destinations across Victoria and New South Wales.

    Three people on the big red kidney bus

    Other dialysis units in Australia and overseas

    An older female dialysis patient on the big red kidney bus