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Kidney Health Australia CARI Guidelines

The CARI Guidelines are recommendations for culturally safe kidney care in First Nations Australians. They have been developed in partnership with First Nations communities, and with First Nations Australians with lived experience of chronic kidney disease.

These CARI Guidelines are the new clinical standard, launched in 2022.

Download below:

  • CARI Guidelines here.
  • CARI Guidelines Executive Summary here.
  • CARI Guidelines main recommendations here.
  • CARI Guidelines Consumer Summary here.

For culturally-sensitive fact sheets and flip chart click the button below.

First Nations Australians resources

Developing the CARI Guidelines was a 4 year experience with a community-first approach. Below is the timeline of events from inseption to launch.

Flow & Thrive represents the landscape of living with a kidney condition.

The design represents the different stages of the health journey. At times the waters are murky and turbulent, which is represented by the tsunami on the top right of the design, and the mangroves to the top left. The mangroves represent the challenges of patients moving through their varying journeys, which traverse through the rivers and into calmer seas.

From the right bottom hand corner of the design, a sunrise emerges, symbolising the strength and resilience of those living with kidney conditions. This design reinforces the idea that those on this journey are never alone. The boats within the river represent the family, friends, community and support networks that surround the patients on their wellness journey.

To the far left of the design is a series of lines, which represent the various medical practitioners and clinical support personnel who guide and support the patient with their ongoing expertise and care.

Livestream of the CARI Guidelines Launch Events

For more information, visit the CARI Guidelines website.