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Adaptive user interface for chronic disease

Brief Description:

Adaptive user interfaces are software applications where some aspect(s) of the interface is modified to cater for different user needs and/or preferences e.g. font or button size, colour, layout, complexity, interaction style and so on. eHealth technologies have been increasingly used to foster proactive self-management skills for patients with chronic diseases. However, it is challenging to provide each user with their desired support due to the dynamic and diverse nature and impacts of each chronic disease. Adaptive user interface can get users continuously engaged and active, eventually leading to better physical and mental conditions. We are currently investigating how adaptive user interfaces can better cater to users with chronic diseases or those seeking to prevent chronic diseases. Specifically, we are conducting an online survey to understand the user's perspective on adaptive user interfaces in chronic disease-related applications. It will take 10-15 minutes for a participant to complete the survey. We are also conducting focus group study to encourage sharing of experiences and discussions on different types of adaptations, as well as thoughts on the potential use of adaptive user interfaces. You can access the online survey link from website section. If you have any questions, please email

Type of research:

Consumer perspectives research

Your time commitment:


Consumers re-imbursed?

Incentive / voucher for participation

For the survey, all the participants of the survey will be entered into a draw for a US$15 Amazon voucher after completing the study. For the focus group, we will reimburse each participant with a US$20 Amazon voucher.

Who are researchers looking for?

People living with Kidney Disease and/or their Family/Carer

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