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Our Research Program

Over the past 50 years, we have raised over $30 million towards kidney research, contributing to the vital work of researchers and practitioners both in Australia and internationally.

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Our research goals

We are invested in research that leads the fight against kidney disease. Findings drive strategy and policy development for the advancement of kidney health.

Support of kidney research is crucial for:

  • the long-term improvement of health outcomes for those with, or at risk of, kidney disease
  • the development of state and federal government kidney-related health policy
  • building Australia’s evidence base to drive and underpin an accessible and equitable healthcare service.

Projects funded in 2019-20

Kidney Health Australia awarded three grants, totalling $150,000 to the following recipients:

  • Dr Kimberly Crawford (Monash University): What are the factors influencing transplant outcomes for patients from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds?
  • A/Prof Jennifer Schneider (University of Newcastle): The feasibility and acceptability of using finger-prick blood sampling to monitor blood immunosuppressant concentrations in renal transplant recipients.
  • A/Prof Kate Wyburn (University of Sydney): Characterisation of T-follicular-helper and B cell subsets to aid risk stratification in antibody mediated injury in kidney transplantation: Beyond donor specific antibodies.

Research partners

  • CARI (Caring for Australians with Renal Impairment)
  • BEAT-CKD (Better Evidence And Translation – Chronic Kidney Disease)
  • The KidGen Collaborative (HIDDEN)
  • Australian Genomics

Find out more by visiting our strategic research partners page.

Enquire about funding

KHA research grants are currently closed. Please revisit this site and our social media platforms for announcements about the next research grant round.

Projects funded in 2018

Previous Kidney Health Australia research grants