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Our research program

Kidney Health Australia has a long tradition of supporting kidney research in Australia. Since 1968 we have distributed more than $30 million towards kidney research in Australia, supporting the vital work of researchers and practitioners in the kidney field.

A researcher looking into a microscope

Our research goals

We are invested in research that leads the fight against kidney disease. Findings drive strategy and policy development for the advancement of kidney health.

Support of kidney research is crucial for:

  • the long-term improvement of health outcomes for those with, or at risk of, kidney disease
  • the development of state and federal government kidney-related health policy
  • building Australia’s evidence base to drive and underpin an accessible and equitable healthcare service.

Our grants program

Kidney Health Australia research prioritises the funding of research focused on the needs of our community. Together with our community and Research Advisory Group, we have identified three key research streams that form the basis of our current grants program:

  • Stream 1: 2018-2019: Improving quality of life and duration of life for those living with CKD
  • Stream 2: 2019-2020: Making kidney transplants last longer
  • Stream 3: 2020-2021: Preventing the progression of chronic kidney disease

Kidney Health Australia will prioritise research in three areas:

  • Basic science
  • Psycho-social
  • Clinical science / population health

Consumer and community engagement

In line with our consumer focus, the Kidney Health Australia Research Grant Program will prioritise projects that clearly demonstrate consumer and/or community involvement or engagement at some or all stages of the research cycle. This includes:

  • Consumer input research priority setting, conception, design and conduct of research ideas and studies
  • Consumers as part of the research team
  • Consumer input in dissemination of research findings
  • Consumer and community involvement in research translation and knowledge implementation
For further information, please send your inquiries to

Kidney Health Australia received strong interest for our 2021 funding round topic ‘Preventing the Progression of Chronic Kidney Disease’, with twenty-one high quality applications received. While there were many worthy applications that we have been unfortunately unable to fund, we are pleased to have been able to offer funding to the top three applications and continue our ongoing support of kidney disease research by Australian researchers.

We are pleased to announce that we have recently awarded our 2021 research grants on the topic of Preventing the Progression of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).

Stream 3 grant funding recipients (2020-2021)

Stream 2 grant funding recipients (2019-2020)

Stream 1 grant funding recipients funded in (2018-2019)

Previous Kidney Health Australia research grants