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Cliff first came to have an understanding of kidney disease when he was in his 20’s. His mother was diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease, so he and his siblings underwent testing too. Cliff had inherited the disease, but his diagnosis did not worry him – he was fit, healthy and young – bulletproof. His blood pressure was regulated with medication, but over time and in his early 50’s, Cliff’s kidney function deteriorated to the extent that his doctor advised him that dialysis would be required.

In May 2019 while preparing for a caravan trip, Cliff was rushed to hospital where it was discovered that his left kidney had ruptured and was advised that it had to be removed to allow for the chance of a transplant in the future by this stage, Cliff’s kidney function was at 14%.

Cliff underwent surgery to remove his kidney and began dialysis the very next day. For the next 2 years, dialysis became a routine part of Cliff’s life, but he was determined that it would not control him, and that he would control it. During Cliff’s dialysis journey, his close work colleague, Lisa, began to notice Cliff change – his once vibrant, energetic self seemed to be struggling. Lisa decided she would donate one of her kidneys to Cliff. Cliff and Lisa were deemed a perfect match. In October 2021, the transplant surgery went ahead and was a success.

Cliff kept his promise to Lisa and is living life to the fullest with his new kidney. He even decided to get a personalised number plate – NU KDNY. It certainly attracts a lot of attention, often times from people on dialysis or who know of someone who is. Cliff jokes that Lisa plans to get a reciprocal numberplate – WAS MINE!

Cliff is also one of Kidney Health Australia’s most committed supporters and has left a gift in his Will to Kidney Health Australia. During Cliff’s kidney journey, he reached out to Kidney Health Australia, and found the resources he needed and the much-needed connection with the kidney community- as Cliff says, “Kidney Health Australia were a saving grace”. Cliff has generously decided to leave a bequest to Kidney Health Australia, to give back for the support he has received. “Please support Kidney Health Australia, as they will support you”, says Cliff.

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