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Jaime's story of life with #Nofilter

Jaime shares in her own words, her journey of living with kidney disease

A woman named Jaime who is on dialysis

My kidney disease journey began when I was pregnant with my third child. I had already had two difficult pregnancies with severe pre-eclampsia. It wasn't until my third pregnancy that things became really difficult. My blood pressure kept rising. I got to 33 weeks and my GP informed me that he had given me the maximum amount of ‘safe’ medication. I went to the hospital and it was decided that the safest option was to deliver my baby early in an effort to reduce my blood pressure. My baby was delivered but my blood pressure didn't drop. I went for numerous tests as the doctors suspected a heart problem, but my heart was fighting fit…

Further testing revealed my kidneys were failing. I remember being numb and I barely remember what was said that day. I hadn’t yet raised my kids. What if something happens to me?

I was 30 years old when I started haemodialysis. My husband became my carer overnight.

My life has been put on hold.

I have now been working hard to get my body prepared for the hope of a future kidney transplant. I am so grateful to the many health care professionals who have been with me on my journey of living with kidney disease. I see the staff at my dialysis unit more than I see a lot of my family and friends.

I was young and healthy and in an instant, my life changed. I want to encourage anyone that is at risk or has minor symptoms to speak with their GP and get a Kidney Health Check. It could save your life.