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Know if you are increased risk of kidney disease

3 in 4 Australians are at risk of developing kidney disease. Knowing and checking your risk factors can potentially help protect you against developing irreversible kidney disease.

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You should have a Kidney Health Check once a year if you:

  • Have diabetes
  • Have high blood pressure
  • Are First Nations Australian aged 18 years and over

You should have a Kidney Health Check every two years if you:

  • Are a current or past smoker/vaper
  • Are very overweight or obese
  • Had a stroke, heart attack or have heart failure
  • Have a family history of kidney failure, dialysis or kidney transplant
  • Have a history of acute kidney injury
  • Are over 60 years of age

It is also important to note people who have none of the risk factors above may also develop kidney disease. You can take the risk test for kidney disease online.

    Higher risk categories

    There are two groups of people who have a higher risk of developing kidney disease:

    • People with diabetes. When you have diabetes the high levels of sugar in your blood can damage your kidneys.
    • People with high blood pressure. Kidney disease and high blood pressure are inherently linked. Frequent testing of your blood pressure is necessary to monitor how your kidneys are performing.
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    Take the Kidney Risk Test!

    90% of kidney function can be lost before kidney disease symptoms are apparent. Take our quick online test today and make sure you're not at risk of kidney disease.

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    What to do if you’re at risk

    Identifying the risk factors that may affect you and your potential for developing kidney disease is the first and important step. From there, you can talk to a health practitioner and ask them for a regular Kidney Health Check.

    By detecting kidney disease early, you can potentially improve your outcomes and delay the progression of your kidney disease.

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    We're here to help

    Our free Kidney Helpline provides free support and information for anyone who has questions or concerns about their kidney health. No matter where you are in the journey, or whether you’re a patient or carer, we’re here to help.

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