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Glenis' story

In June 2019, Glenis and her family celebrated 50 years since her successful kidney transplant on 1 July 1968.

Glenis poses for a photo

Glenis was 33 when she was formally diagnosed with nephritis.

Seriously ill and given just nine months to live, she was just five months on the wait list when she received the life-changing news that she would undergo a kidney transplant. Glenis has always regarded her transplant as a special gift that required all her care and attention, keeping herself healthy and well, for herself and her growing family.

“Right at the very beginning, I thought if I ever got a kidney transplant I’d look after it, and I’ve kept to my promise,” Glenis said. “I can’t believe I keep achieving these milestones and I don’t think my family can either, but they are very happy and supportive.”

Glenis poses with her husband

Glenis’s granddaughter even donated to Kidney Health Australia in lieu of giving wedding favours to guests at her wedding earlier in the year. Glenis’s husband Bill is particularly pleased that Glenis has been able to enjoy a long and happy family life with their three daughters, six grandchildren and seven great grandchildren.

“He’s as happy as Larry, you’d think it was his (kidney),” Glenis said. Glenis’s doctor, Dr Helen Rhodes said Glenis’s anniversary was a remarkable achievement that had enabled her to live a full life. “Glenis is very lucky to have received such a wonderful gift, that she has treasured and looked after for 50 years,” says Dr Rhodes.